Transportation to Camp Ramah in the Berkshires in Wingdale, NY
(Please plan to arrive between 3:00pm and 5:00pm on Friday)

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Click Here for Driving Instructions Between the Train Station and the Camp

Driving Instructions

From the West Side of Manhattan:

From New York City, take the West Side Highway / Henry Hudson Parkway heading north.  It will soon turn into the Saw Mill River ParkwayContinue on the Saw Mill Parkway heading north until its end where it joins up with Route 684 heading north.  Take Route 684 north to its end where it joins up with Route 22 north.  Take Route 22 north towards Wingdale. 

In Wingdale, about a half-mile (0.5 mile) after passing Harlem Valley State Hospital (on the right) and the "Harlem Valley - Wingdale" train station on your left (they are opposite each other at the traffic light at the intersection of Route 22/55 and Wheeler Road) leave Route 22 and take Route 55 eastbound by veering right at the fork in the road and begin carefully looking for signs to Camp Ramah.  You will now be about 3.5 miles from Camp Ramah. 

Please read carefully;
- In less than a mile from where you left Route 22, at the bottom of a hill, you should see a sign for Ramah.  Whether you do or not, go straight when Route 55 makes a sharp right turn. You will now be on Dutchess County Route 6 which is also know as Old Route 22 at this point. If you miss this turn (and by accident you make the right to stay on Route 55) then you will soon see Dogtail Corners Road and Webatuck Crafts Village on your left (which means you accidently stayed on Route 55 too long).

- In about a quarter-mile (0.25 mile), bear right at the fork to stay on Dutchess County Route 6 / Old Route 22.

- After about a quarter-mile (0.25 mile) or so, there is a concrete bridge that passes over a small river (large stream?) on your right. Turn right onto the concrete bridge which will put you onto "Reagans Mill Road".

- In a little more than a half-mile (0.5 mile) bear left at the small triangle (three roads coming together).  This will put you onto "Berkshire Road".

- In about a half-mile (0.5 mile), turn right onto Weil Road (before the entrance to Camp Berkshire which is straight ahead). The sign for Weil Road may say "Weils Road" instead of Weil Road (I think the road crew got it wrong).

- In about two-tenth's of a mile (0.20 mile), bear left at the fork (away from Weil Road).  You will now be on a road marked either St. George Road or Ramah Road (either one is fine).

- In another one-tenth of a mile (0.10 mile), turn right onto Ramah Road (St. George Road will go straight at this point and may have a sign stating "Dead End").  Please be careful on this section of Ramah Road as it is narrow, unpaved, twisty, has multiple blind turns and is a two way street (there could be oncoming traffic). The camp is at the end of this road (about a quarter (0.25) mile), you can't miss it!

- To find the Registration Desk in the Staff Lounge: Drive straight into camp through the main/front gate (with the stone pillar on each side and the sign for Camp Ramah) and veer right just before the first building you will see soon after entering the camp.  Drive up the small hill. Stay on this main road, passing the lake on your left and you will eventually arrive at the Staff Lounge which is on your left opposite a baseball field (on your right).

The trip from the Upper West Side is about 74 mile and takes 1.5+ hours if there is minimal traffic. Please allow at least 2.5 hours on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend due to holiday traffic.

From the East Side of Manhattan:

Take the Major Deegan Expressway to Route 87 North.  Exit at Cross Westchester Expressway (Route 287) East.  Take it until the exit for Route 684 north (Brewster).  Take Route 684 as described above.

From New Jersey:

Take the Garden State Parkway North to the New York State Thruway south.  Cross the Tappan Zee Bridge and take the Saw Mill River Parkway north as described above.

From Long Island:

Take the Bronx Whitestone Bridge into Hutchinson River Parkway north into Route 684 north to Brewster.  Take Route 684 as described above.

From Boston:

Take I-90 (Mass. Pike) West to Sturbridge. Take Exit 9 follow Route 84 West through Hartford to Danbury. Follow 84 West to Danbury and Take Exit 7 (Route 202 East / Route 7 North). Follow Route 7 North. After about 20 miles, make a left onto Route 55 West (Webatuck Road).  After about 5 miles (during which you will cross the border into New York) make a right onto Dutchess County Route 6 which is also know as Old Route 22 at this point.  Follow the directions as described above.

Click here for a map and/or personalized driving directions
to Camp Ramah from any location using MapQuest.

  The main/front gate of
Camp Ramah in the Berkshires.
(May 2009)
  The Staff Lounge where registration will take place. It will be on your left as you drive through camp assuming you came in via the main/front gate. A baseball field will be on your right (directly behind the photographer in the above photo), directly opposite the Staff Lounge. (May 2009)   The baseball field that will be on your right as you drive through camp assuming you came in via the main/front gate.  It is directly opposite the Staff Lounge (which is directly behind the photographer in the above photo). (May 2009)


Public Transportation

Metro North offers train service on its Harlem Line from Grand Central Terminal in New York City to the “Harlem Valley – Wingdale” train stop. Please note that many of the trains going from Grand Central Station to Wingdale involve a change of trains at some point along the way (ask the conductor if in doubt!). If notified ahead of time, we can pick up people arriving on trains on Friday between 3:00 and 5:00pm. More information is available at, (212) 532-4900, or (800) 638-7646.

Click Here for Driving Instructions Between the Train Station and the Camp

This is the train schedule as of May 19, 2011. 
Please note that it can change at any time.

Friday, May 27, 2011
From Grand Central Station to Harlem Valley-Wingdale
Departure Time
Arrival Time **Transfer Info *Fare
One Way
Round Trip
11:48 AM 1:42 PM Transfer trains at Southeast:
Arrive 1:14 PM & Leave 1:21 PM
$15.75 - 22.00 $31.50
1:45 PM 3:42 PM Transfer trains at Southeast:
Arrive 3:14 PM & Leave 3:21 PM
$15.75 - 22.00 $31.50
3:44 PM 5:27 PM   $15.75 - 22.00 $31.50

Monday, May 30, 2011
From Harlem Valley-Wingdale to Grand Central Station

Departure Time
Arrival Time **Transfer Info *Fare
One Way
Round Trip
8:42 AM 10:40 AM Transfer trains at Southeast:
Arrive 9:06 AM & Leave 9:13 AM
$15.75 - 22.00 $31.50
10:42 AM 12:40 PM Transfer trains at Southeast:
Arrive 11:06 AM & Leave 11:13 AM
$15.75 - 22.00 $31.50
12:42 PM 2:41 PM Transfer trains at Southeast: Arrive 1:06 PM & Leave 1:13 PM $15.75 - 22.00 $31.50
* Fares shown are off-peak fares and are cheapest when bought on the MTA website and most expensive when bought on-board the train.  Buying from a ticket agent in Grand Central Terminal is almost as cheap as buying a ticket on the web.
** Please note that trips which involve a transfer at Southeast will require you to get off one train, walk to a different track (usually located very very close to where you got off the first train) and get on a different train to complete your journey.  Ask the conductor or another passenger on the first train as most passengers will be doing the same thing and have done it many times before.  You really don't want to miss the second train!
*** Please note that trains generally leave on time (and not a minute late!).

Click Here for Driving Instructions Between the Train Station and the Camp

A section of the Harlem Valley - Wingdale train station
that is visible from Route 22/55.


Taxi Information
From/To Camp Ramah and the Train Station

There are a couple of taxi companies that can transport you from/to the Harlem Valley - Wingdale train station and Camp Ramah.  As of May 2009 we knew of two. Please note that both need some advanced notice and are not always available to pick you up whenever you call.  Optimally you should make a reservation the day before you need their services.  As of May 2009 the cost was about $25 one-way. Please also note that the taxi companies may not know exactly where the camp is.  You should tell them that it is 4.0 miles from the train station and that you have detailed driving directions (use the ones on this website).

Pawling Taxi: (845) 855-9800
Dover Plains Taxi: (845) 877-4747

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