at Camp Ramah in the Berkshires


Memorial Day Weekend
Post-Graduate Seminar

(The Jewish Singles Weekend for You!)

Friday, May 27 - Monday, May 30, 2011

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Imagine a long weekend in the country at a very large private resort that you have reserved for just you and your friends. It has the requisite green mountains, rolling lawns and a large beautiful lake.  On a clear night there are many more stars visible than can ever be seen from New York City. While many people are there with you, it does not feel crowded given the size of the place.

People find their own pace, whether hanging around the beach, reading and sunbathing, playing softball, hiking or participating in one of the many other activities. Friends - new and old - are relaxed, enjoying each other's company. You feel like you are on vacation with old friends whose company you enjoy. The only hint that you are on a singles weekend is the fact almost all of you are single. You never imagined a singles weekend could be like this!

Prices as low as $235*
Group discounts available.

Top ten reasons to spend Memorial Day Weekend at Camp Ramah

10. Get to play paint-by-numbers with Caladryl in art class.
9. Pay one price; no beads needed.
8. Much less traffic than to the Hamptons.
7. A professional masseuse could be your partner in massage workshop.
6. Someone else cooks for Shabbat.
5. Your parents won't get called if you’re caught streaking through camp.
4. May cost less than a Fire Island house food bill.
3. Make your parents happy.
2. As many meals as a resort in the Catskills.
1. No counselors to put the kibosh on your bunk's pillow fight.

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*Special $235 rate available only through May 1   Bookmark and Share

*Special $235 rate available only through May 1

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